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Versatel Contact Layer Wound Dressing







Are you looking for a more gentle way to handle wounds, cuts, and scrapes?  You’ll find that the Versatel Contact Layer is an essential and should be included in your first aid kit at home, work, school, or in your car. In a multinational survey, wound care clinicians consistently ranked pain-free removal and non-adherence to the wound bed as the most important characteristics in a primary or secondary dressing!

NPUAP recommends we, “Consider using silicone dressings as a contact layer to promote atraumatic dressing changes; and to prevent peri-wound tissue injury when peri-wound tissue is fragile or friable.”  Silicone dressings are designed to provide a wound contact layer that can be removed without causing trauma to the tissue during dressing changes.  In a study of 38 participants with Category/Stage II pressure ulcers, adherent foam dressings were compared to a silicone dressing.  The silicone dressing was found to be less traumatic to the peri-wound tissue (NPUAP/EPUAP/PPPIA, 2014).

Versatel One was designed to create a gentle healing experience for patients.  Versatel One is a one-sided contact layer dressing coated with silicone for an atraumatic adhesive.  The hydrophobic silicone gently adheres to the skin, but won’t stick to moist wound beds, helping to prevent pain during removal.  The channels allow exudate to transfer vertically into a secondary dressing and aid delivery of topical treatments.  Versatel One is thin and flexible allowing the dressing to conform to body contours for a comfortable, yet secure, seal that minimizes peri-wound maceration.  The contact layer is translucence, which allows assessment of wound progress without disrupting peri-wound skin.

Get this — A typical high exudative wound drains over 10 mL of fluid per day.  In a vitro study simulating the drainage of a wound, Versatel was shown to be an efficient transfer layer of fluid.  Versatel allowed an average of 16.2 mL of fluid to pass through during 2.5 hours, which is equal to 155.52 mL per day.  Versatel One supports a wide range of dressings, including collagen and biologically derived products.  The 7-Day wear time allows for fewer dressing changes and disturbances to the wound.



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