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Pediatric Wheel Chair Comparison

Manufacturers were invited to submit information on their pediatric wheelchairs in three categories: Manual, caregiver-propelled (including “stroller-style” wheelchairs); Manual, self-propelled; and Power. To qualify for this comparo, the wheelchair had to be available in a seat width of 14″ or smaller. If information is unavailable or not applicable to a particular wheelchair, “N/A” is noted.

Wheelchairs are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer name, then model name. The information provided here is self reported by the manufacturers and is listed as space permits. Text may have been edited for space; additional accessories or components may be available.

This comparison is designed to be a starting point for clinicians and patients considering mobility choices for infants, children, teens and adults. Please call us today for additional information.

Wheelchair widths and lengths, seat widths and depths, and pushbar heights are listed in inches. Wheelchair weight and weight capacity are listed in lbs. Amounts of tilt and recline are listed in degrees. Positioning components are listed as space permits; check with manufacturer for possible additional components. Wheelchair disassembly refers to how the wheelchair folds and/or how the seating system is removable for easier transportability. Crash testing refers to whether the chair has been tested to the WC19 standard to be used as seating within a motor vehicle.

Weight capacities are listed in lbs. Seat widths and depths, power base widths and depths, and seat-to-floor heights are listed in inches. Top speeds are listed in miles per hour. Transit options refer to whether the wheelchair has been tested to WC19 or ISO standards and/or has securement points built in. Tilt is listed in degrees. Positioning options are listed as space permits; check with manufacturer regarding
other possible components.

Frame type refers to wheelchair’s rigid or folding frame design. Wheelchair seat widths and depths, front and rear seat-to-floor heights, and backrest heights are listed in inches. Product weights and weight capacities are listed in lbs. Center-of-gravity information indicates range of adjustability in inches or that center of gravity is adjustable. Front and rear wheel choices are listed as space permits; check with manufacturer regarding other possible options.

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