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Ableware Open-It Universal Opener


Ableware Open-It Universal Opener

  • Makes it easier and less painful for people with arthritis and other hand limitations to open packages, containers, bottles and cans
  • Little or no gripping strength required

The All-Out Universal Opener is a multi-functional tool that provides the leverage needed to open most packaged food items. The hand rest resembles a computer mouse and distributes the pressure on the hand to reduce pain and cramping, while the T-shaped handle on top allows a person to use the device with little or no gripping strength. Designed to accommodate several gripping options, it makes it possible for anyone to find a comfortable grasping position.

The All-Out Universal Opener features a blunt v-shaped prong to separate the glue-sealed flaps on pasta, cereal and other dry food boxes; a hook to lift pull-tabs on cans and to poke through cellophane sealed food trays; a twist off bottle cap opener* and a slotted ‘church key’ opener for non-twist off bottle caps. Measures 5” (12.7 cm) long x 3” (7.62 cm) wide. Overall height: with handle – 4” (10.16 cm); without – 2.75” (6.98 cm).

*Works on caps up to 1 3/8” (3.5 cm) diameter

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