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Champion Waterproof Arm Protector

Champion Waterproof Arm Protector


Arm Waterproof Cast Protectors, constructed by Champion, provide a watertight seal without breaking the bank.

This cast protector features a constant perimeter for easy application and removal over bulky casts and bandages. Offering an adjustable gripper strip, you can customize the fit to deliver an airtight seal.

By creating an optimum seal, this Champion product makes as a perfect cast cover for shower use. This cast protector even works well for individuals that want to completely submerge themselves into water, such as swimming.

The Half Arm Waterproof Cast Protector is incredibly durable, too, as it is made from vinyl that is both puncture- and tear-resistant. This product is suitable for casts and bandages below the elbow.

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Half Arm Waterproof Cast Protector Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable gripper strip to customize fit.
  • Made from puncture- and tear-resistant vinyl.
  • Perfect for half arm protection.
  • Waterproof.
  • Water tight seal.

Half Arm Waterproof Cast Protector Specifications

  • Product Number: C-158, C-159.
  • Dimensions:
    • Youth: Fits up to 18.0 inches.
    • Adult: Fits up to 24.0 inches.
  • Application: Cast cover for shower or swimming pools.
  • Manufacturer: Surgical Appliance.
  • Brand: Champion.

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