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Purap Oasis Seat Cushion

Purap Oasis Seat Cushion


The PURAP 3D-Flotation cushion is the most advanced cushion in the market. Its patented technology provides the lowest sitting pressures compared to any other product. See the images for results of the pressure tests. It doesn’t use foams or gels, so it will never flatten out.

Size: 18 x 20 x 1.5 inches

  • Helps prevent and heal pressure sores. Provides relief from coccyx/tailbone, ischial tuberosities, postpartum, and other sitting pain.
  • Use with your existing chair, wheelchair, mobility scooter, recliner or lift chair. No installation, no pumps. Thin, lightweight and
  • Designed in California, this cushion offers lower pressure compared to foam or gel cushions. Clinically tested and recommended by physicians.
  • Patented technology uses fluid, air and foam layers in a thin, lightweight cushion to provide lowest sitting pressure.
  • Won’t ‘pack down’ like other cushions. Thin and lightweight. Comes with waterproof top cover.

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