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Accessibility has been getting a lot of attention lately. Legal battles for accessible swimming pools and taxicabs have become so strenuous that they’ve spilled from our industry into the mainstream media, with stories appearing in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Battle lines have been drawn largely with people with disabilities (and … Continue reading

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Pediatric Wheel Chair Comparison

Manufacturers were invited to submit information on their pediatric wheelchairs in three categories: Manual, caregiver-propelled (including “stroller-style” wheelchairs); Manual, self-propelled; and Power. To qualify for this comparo, the wheelchair had to be available in a seat width of 14″ or smaller. If information is unavailable or not applicable to a particular wheelchair, “N/A” is noted. … Continue reading

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CUSHIONS & MOVEMENT How Seat Cushions Are Impacted When Clients Are in Motion

Imagine a seating evaluation for a client who needs complex rehab technology (CRT) interventions. As part of the evaluation and fitting process, the client sits on a cushion and comments on how he feels as the seating team notes his posture and how well the cushion fits him as he’s sitting still. The group tries … Continue reading

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Versatel Contact Layer Wound Dressing

            Are you looking for a more gentle way to handle wounds, cuts, and scrapes?  You’ll find that the Versatel Contact Layer is an essential and should be included in your first aid kit at home, work, school, or in your car. In a multinational survey, wound care clinicians consistently … Continue reading

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